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Nigeria: FCTA - Sanitising Outdoor Advertising and Signage


 Senator Bala Mohammed has set a mechanism for the immediate transposing and consolidation of the new outdoor advertising and signage policy in the FCT; this is predicated on the singular fact that when the minister commenced his tenure of office, he met a system of outdoor advertisement and signage that was not only feeble but antiquated. Revenue derivable from this sector was completely undervalued; we had a situation where there was an overwhelming proliferation of illegal and sub-standard billboards, unselective placement of posters and flyers and a lack of a clear cut administrative arrangement for regulating outdoor advertisement. Undoubtedly, the generation of revenue by the FCT administration in this sector is still low at N400 million per annum, and significantly most of the revenue is outstanding as debt.

One other recognisable problem is the issue where the basic functions of the outdoor advertisements are handled by many agencies of the FCTA which creates the challenge of harmonisation and inadequacy. Another major issue of concern is the ineptness in the administrative system which is greatly responsible for the environmental problems in Abuja. The ineffective enforcement of outdoor advertisement standards and proliferation of unauthorised advertisement infrastructure made the environment filthy and inconsistent with Senator Bala Mohammed's apparition for Abuja as a world class city that conforms to the new global policy for outdoor advertisement and signage systems.

Basically, the aforementioned reasons are the factors that have inspired the FCT minister to transpose and reinforce the outdoor advertising and signage system in the territory.

Afromedia Limited is a reputable and well known advertising company which after following due process and extensive collaborative efforts, has been tasked with the responsibility of turning around the outdoor advertisement and signage in the FCT.

This is a public-private partnership which promises to deliver concrete results financially, environmentally and administratively.

The approved policy for a new system of outdoor advertising and signage by the FCT administration is in collaboration with the six area councils of the FCT. The basic purposes of the policy are to regulate all matters regarding to outdoor advertisement and signage; revamp and clean the environment and to ostensibly improve the internally generated revenue for the transformation of other sectors of the FCT.